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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas: Before, During and After

This is just a summary of our Christmas celebration in pictures (mostly pictures of Katelyn)

Katelyn's Christmas Tree

Katelyn in her Christmas dress for church-first time in Harvest Time nursery-December 19!

She turned 3 months December 20th!
Got the idea from my sister, Robin, to take a picture once a month on the same blanket to watch her grow in pictures. She is getting so big!

Took picture for her Pa-Pa on December 23. This picture, the Cowboys santa hat and a bag full of candy was Katelyn's gift to her Pa-Pa!

December 24 Christmas Eve and mommy and daddy's birthday! Took Katelyn to the mall to see Santa. This was her first trip to the mall!

Went to eat birthday lunch at Chili's and then on to Kevin's Grandmother's for birthday cake. This was our birthday celebration with Kevin's family.

Katelyn, her Grandma and the poof (inside joke)! Katelyn says, "Grandma, will you give me some of your hair!"

December 25-Christmas Day!
Katelyn was fast asleep while we opened gifts at Grandma's.

Katelyn's excited about her gift off of the gift table. Her little bib was a gift from my boss, Sue! So cute!

December 26th-Headed to Pa-Pa's for Christmas

Olivia was excited to hold her before her mommy, Robin!

December 27th-Went to the Monkey House with Aunt Jen-Jen, Aunt Robin
Kaylee, Eli, Calvin and Olivia!

Her first taste of a Dum-Dum...she thought it was Yum-Yum!

Back to Pa-Pa's for some fun family time!
Emily, Hunter and Katelyn

December 28th-Katelyn got special privilege to go with "the girls" for the annual girls' night out! No pics : (

She received lots wonderful gifts from all her family. She is so blessed to have so many people love her! What a great 1st Christmas for Katelyn Joy!

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