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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Discoveries

Last week I took Katelyn outside to just walk around and check out nature. I have really been enjoying watching her discover new things. She is so curious about the world around her (sometimes it gets her into trouble). I love creating a safe environment where she can explore and discover and just watch her fascination with the ordinary things.

 Checking out a pine cone (not a prickly one). She carried it around for long time.
Grabbing some soil from an old planter...
 And dumping it on the ground.
 She liked the rock so much she snuck in a little lick!
 Wondering what to do next.
 Peeking at the neighbors yard.
 Looking for her dogs.
 Checking out a flower...I love this pic!
It really is about the little things....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Celebration with the Morris's!

Have I mentioned that we are blessed? We are! We are blessed in so many ways. One way God has blessed us is with some wonderful friends! Our friends Grant, Lindsey and Tara Morris couldn't come to Katelyn's birthday party because they were on vacation. So when they got back they invited us over for dinner and a little birthday party for Katelyn! So sweet!
The girls love to give each other hugs and kisses!
Singing, "Happy Birthday To You!"

Yum Yum!

Tara was dainty with her cupcake and Katelyn dove right in.

After a bath, the guys got them dressed and then it was off to play!

To top it all off, the Morris's blessed Katelyn with a wonderful birthday gift!

We couldn't ask for more! 

Olde Miner's Days and AR OK State Fair

The weekend of September 24-25 we got to experience a few "firsts" with Katelyn. Saturday, the 24th, we went to see her cousin Eli's play ball (which wasn't a first, but lots of fun)! Then we went to Pa Pa's house to watch the Razorback game and check out Huntington's Olde Miners Days Festival. Then on Sunday, the 25th, we took Katelyn to the Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair with Grandma and Aunt Haley! Here are a few pics from that weekend:
It all started with a date night for mommy and daddy Friday night.
We went out to eat and then to ride the Ferris Wheel at the Park at West End!

Saturday, the 24th:
 Watching Eli play ball in her new chair we got when we went to Tulsa on her birthday! 
Eli did a great job and had a great hit!
At Pa Pa's watching a helicopter land across the street!
Watching the Razorbacks, biting her nails!
Game wasn't going so well, so we took a walk down the street to the Olde Miner's Days Festival.
Katelyn got a pink poodle balloon!
 Sunday, the 25th, we took Katelyn, Grandma and Aunt Haley to the fair.
We checked out Old MacDonald's Farm.

And then we watched Aunt Haley ride some rides!

Lastly, Katelyn played a game. She picked a rubber duck and got a prize!
(She wanted to keep the rubber ducky)

We had a fantastic weekend with lots of firsts! It is such a fun time right now getting to watch her experience new things. We are so very blessed!

Happy Birthday Katelyn-Tulsa Zoo Trip

Katelyn turned 1 on 9/20/2011 and we reserved that day for a special family trip to the Tulsa Zoo! Her Uncle Travis gave us tickets. This was her first time to the zoo and she had a blast! She was a natural safari girl! Here are just a few of the pics. (I took almost 200...199 pics to be exact haha)

She took pictures with her own camera!
I thought this was so sweet!
First Carousel Ride!
Zoo Souvenir
Birthday Dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ
The manager came by and asked how old she was and we told him she turned 1 that day. He sent our waitress over to offer us a free dessert. We had to pick an ice cream sundae for the Birthday Girl!
The Birthday Girl was worn out! Slept all the way home.
We had such a wonderful time together on her first birthday! It was almost as good as one year ago that day when we first laid eyes on the beautiful baby girl that made us parents!