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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pregnancy: Who knew?

A few things no one bothered to mention about being pregnant before they happened to me.

1) No one ever told me that your belly button area would get sensitive. So sensitive that you almost cringe every time someone reaches out their hand to pat or rub your belly. You are thinking, "gently, gently."

2) No one ever told me that your belly button wouldn’t necessarily be perfectly centered. Mine veers slightly to the right.

3) No one ever told me you get hot flashes. I mean, I have had comments of feeling sorry for me being pregnant in the summer, but I was fine with the heat thanks to air conditioning until these hot flashes started.

4) No one ever told me just how a pain in the butt pregnancy could be-literally. My tailbone hurts every time I sit down or stand up or stay seated for a prolonged time-like 10 minutes.

5) And finally, no one ever told me just how much you love this life growing inside of you before you ever even meet. I have had a near perfect pregnancy. I really have nothing to complain about. I believe that about a month or so ago I said I could stay pregnant forever. It was then that I realized that this is the only time in this child’s life that she is most protected-inside my womb. Oh, how I wanted to keep her forever inside of me safe and sound. But I guess that’s what the last few weeks of pregnancy do for you. When you start to hit the miserable stage physically, you are really preparing emotionally to release the child from your ultimate care. I do believe I have hit that miserable stage, and I know now that the time for her arrival is drawing near. And during this time my mind has been filled with lots of questions. Can I really do this? Can I really be a mommy and actually be good at it? I’ve decided I’m not stressing anymore. I believe that with the love I have for her now, already, I am going to be a great mom!

Another Little Visitor 8/24/10

When I say praise God for great friends, I really mean PRAISE GOD FOR GREAT FRIENDS!!! Lindsey and Tara came over so that Lindsey could help me organize all of Katelyn's blessings. She also brought me some yummy food I've been wanting-her enchiladas! We didn't get everything finished, but accomplished a lot. I feel like there is hope now that we will have everything ready before Katelyn arrives. Tara did what she does best-just sit there and look so darn cute! You want proof?
Here is the near hopeless mess of blessings we went through.
Thank you so much Lindsey and Tara for feeding us and helping us get even more ready for Katelyn!!!

Doctor Visit 8/24/10

The visit was nice for a change. We got right in, instead of waiting for a long time and being forgotten about.

I was hooked up to a fetal monitor machine for 20 minutes to monitor her heart and any contractions. The doctor said everything was perfect!
After the doctor left, an assistant came in to unhook me. The first thing she says, "Oh, are you having twins?" Yeah, we laughed real hard on that one!

Again, Kev takes another photo of himself!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Small Group: Guys Night/Girls Night 8/21/10

We had a great small group night. Kev went with the guys to play golf, disc golf and eat. The girls went to eat and eat again (cookies from Great American Cookie Co). We (the girls) went back to our leader's house and had some more great girl bonding. Although we didn't do much as far as activity...we had a nice time getting to know each other more!

Here's a belly shot at 36 weeks before heading to small group! Didn't do much picture-taking again. Just wasn't up to par.

Another weekend, another sleepover 8/21-8/21/10

This time we had my nephew Hunter over for the night. When he came over we watched some football and ordered pizza. Kev was late coming home from Little Rock, so we ate without him (Kev told us too). Hunter was so sweet. He was doing everything he could to help, so I didn't carry everything. Not long after Kev got home we started watching Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The last time Hunter stayed over we watched the first one. He was excited to watch the second one. Half thru I went and got us milkshakes/ice cream desserts. I got very sleepy and headed to bed early. The boys finished watching and put another movie in from what I heard! The next day we had some breakfast and the boys played some video games. Hunter kicked Kevin's butt on UFC 2010. The boys also played some guitar and some recording time. Kevin showed Hunter how to string his guitar. Then we got ready and headed to Marketplace for lunch. This was Hunter's first time and we promised we would take him a while back. We had a great meal and a really great time with Hunter! I wasn't feeling well this weekend and I failed on the picture-taking. I do have this picture of Kev and Hunter playing some video games.
Thanks Jerry and Alanna for letting us have Hunter, while you painted his bathroom!!! We had a wonderful time!

Our little visitor 8/19/10

We had a visit from Becky and little Kaden James!!! Becky and I had great time talking and catching up and Kaden had fun playtime!

Kaden was smiling and having so much fun, but I could never catch a picture of it. He kept giving me the same look everytime I took a picture. I'm determined to get just one picture of his beautiful smile!
We opened up Katelyn's Cabbage Patch doll the Book family got her to find out what the gender and name is. It's a girl!!! Her name is Lee Mozell. Interesting, I know! We had a good laugh about it.
Thanks Becky and Kaden for coming to see us! We had a great time! We love you so very much!

Doctor Visit 8/17/10

One more ultrasound before the "Big Day!" We found out she is still being a little turkey and hasn't turned. But good news...the fluid around her was up from 6.5 to 8.5. It is suppose to be 10, but we are happy with the turnaround in only one week! Mommy is drinking lots and lots of water.

We had a very nice technician who let us get a couple of 4D shots of her.
Daddy has a habit of taking his own picture while we are waiting for the doctor. But I guess you can look for any resemblances in two.

A Day to Ourselves

With all the exciting chaos of getting ready for Katelyn's arrival, Kev and I decided we wanted to get away for the day. Would have loved to get away for the weekend, but having a baby puts us on a tighter budget. So we opted to head to Tulsa on Sunday, August 15th and as we found out one day was more than enough.

We started with a trip to the bank for some cash for our toll fees....

Then it was off to fuel up and get some bottled water that I forgot to take from the fridge....

And we are on our way....

Our first stop was lunch at Famous Dave's BBQ

Then we went shopping at Tulsa Hills Shopping Center. There we stopped by Peachwave Self Serve Frozen Yogurt (The Garrett's Suggestion)!

Kevin had a chocolate frozen yogurt topped with oreo's, heath bar, reese's mini-peanut butter cups.

I had a strawberry frozen yogurt topped with fresh strawberries, kiwi and almonds-Katelyn's choice!
After some more shopping, we went to Woodland Hills Mall. Kev dropped me off while he parked the car. I went inside and sat down. This older man came and sat down next to me. He was obviously a little tired from shopping. He talked to me for a little bit about the baby while I waited. He was such sweet man! Then we went to Babies "R" Us of course...loved the special treatment!

After 5 hours of shopping we made our last stop at Los Cabos! It's next to the Bass Pro Shop.

With tummies full and feet worn out, we were ready to head back home.

Katelyn was moving quite a bit. She made sure we knew she was still there!

Our little shopping spree...

With a lower temps, cool breezes and great deals, God blessed us with a wonderful day together! Now back to more baby preparation!!!

Munchkin Sleepover

Before Katelyn arrives we wanted to have our niece and nephew-Kaylee and Eli-over for a sleepover on August 13 and 14. We all four had a fantastic time!

Kevin grilled some burgers and hot dogs for dinner. After dinner Kaylee and I baked a cake and Kev and Eli played the wii! Here's some pics of our cake baking!

Actually, Kaylee baked the cake while I supervised. She's pretty good at cracking eggs, but one egg got away!
She is also good at mixing.
And pouring the batter...
It is now oven-ready! She almost put it in the oven all by herself, but Aunt Lollie was a little concerned about her getting burned.
After the cake was finished baking and cooled off. Kaylee iced and decorated the cake. Here is the finished product...it was YUMMY!
Kaylee also made us some Kool-Aid, which we later used to make Kool-Aid pops the next day!

Kevin and Eli played a lot of sword fighting and enemy shooting (with nerf guns)! They had lots of boy fun and sometimes Kaylee joined in. It was so much fun to watch! Here is a pic of Kaylee and Eli being held hostage by their enemy-Uncle Kevin!

We built a tent in the living room and watched Monsters vs Aliens. The kiddos fell asleep under the tent.

Kaylee and I did a craft that she brought over. Not sure what it is called, but you use beads and plastic design templates.

Kaylee's butterfly

 My flower
After a lunch of chicken strips and mac-n-cheese, we got ready and played a little longer. Then it was time to go home. We had such a great time! Thanks Jen and Travis for letting us spend some time with your babies!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Life Well Lived

Are you wondering what the name is all about? A life well lived is not to say that we, the Kilgore's, have lived life well. This is only a desire of our's that as we live our lives-let it be well lived. A well lived life does not mean it is a perfect life. I would not dare ask for a perfect life. A well lived life is more like a house that you can tell has been lived in. A house that because of its imperfections has character. It has many stories to tell. There are stories of happiness when a newly married couple comes home for the first time, stories of new life being born and brought home to be raised, stories of celebrating letting life go to find a home of their own. There are stories of testing, growth and maturing as when strong storms blow in and the house stands still, stories of dents, scratches, spills, clogs and burns that brought lessons learned. There are stories of remodeling as time goes by and life calls for change. A house that a well lived life is like is one that has been through all that life can bring, but has been well cared for by it's owner-the one the house is entrusted with. We are all given one life and are entrusted to care for it well, to live it well. Sometimes a life is not well cared for, not well lived. Sometimes a life is abandoned just as some houses are abandoned to never become what it was built to be. Sometimes a life never welcomes change just like houses that still hold the same appearance as it did when it was first built and it just doesn't work like it used to. Sometimes a life tries so hard to reach perfection like a house that is so immaculate the occupants are afraid to even breathe. Sometimes a life is destroyed by self, like a house that burns down because of faulty wiring. At the end of the day, at the end of my life, I do not want my life like these houses. I want to be a responsible owner of my life. I want to care for it well by living it well. I want a life that still stands for years to come in legacy. This is about our life, the ups and the downs, the exciting and the mundane. So come with us on our journey of living life well! However you live your's, let us learn and grow together.