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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Katelyn's 1st Consignment Shopping Trip

Yes, I am starting her young-teaching Katelyn the art of Consignment Shopping. I took her down the road from our house to Fianna Hills Consignment Boutique Tuesday. The ladies were very nice and helpful. One lady, in particular, helped take some of the load I was carrying. It gets a little difficult to shop carrying a baby, diaper bag full of everything I could possibly need and then some, and a blanket. We had a nice experience and I am proud of what we were able to find.

When going to do any kind of bargain shopping, I make myself go into the store with the mindset of "we are only going to buy what we need, not just because it is a good deal." Living in a small house and being organizationally challenged, I am having to learn to not buy in excess, no matter how cheap it is. The less we have, the less we have to keep up with.

I am also learning that babies go thru clothing VERY fast. That was tough to understand. I am use to buying clothing for myself and being able to wear it for a few years. Katelyn outgrows stuff in just a matter of a couple of weeks giving me an even more desire to consignment shop. The clothing is much more affordable than full, retail price and hardly worn.
Our Finds:

Jeans-Baby PLACE
Brown/cream sleeper-Calvin Klein
Purple sleeper-Carter's
Pink sleeper-Old Navy 

Total I spent: $17.64...that's about $3.52 per item. YAY!

I did a little research to find out the full retail price of similar items. The price the items could have been: Jeans-14.50 a piece, Brown/Cream and Purple sleepers-20.00 a piece and the pink sleeper-14.50. That totals $83.50. Now, if they were on sale, as most of the time these items are, the cost possibly could have been around $60, when compared to similar items' sale prices.

Savings: Full retail price-$65.86 Sale price-42.36 (the total I spent includes tax)

I have to show the back of the Purple Sleeper...just too cute! I love ruffle bottoms.

I think Katelyn and I did a pretty good job!

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