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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Katelyn's Dedication to the Lord

Kevin and I dedicated our little Katelyn Joy to the Lord today. The ceremony was held at Packsaddle Church by Katelyn's great uncle Rev. Rickey Elmore.

We were each given a rose, a letter to Kevin and I, a letter to Katelyn that she is to open on her 13th birthday and a certificate of dedication!

It was a wonderful ceremony. Katelyn cried...she was just trying to out-preach her uncle :)! We had Kevin's mom Lisa, sister Haley, grandmother Rebecca, my dad Jerry and his friend Phyllis, my sister Robin, brother-in-law Chris, nieces Meagan, Emily and Olivia, nephew Calvin, my brother Jerry, sister-in-law Alanna, nephew Hunter, and sister Jennifer and niece Kaylee all there to celebrate!

She looked absolutely adorable!

Katelyn got a 14k gold cross necklace from Dad and Phyllis and some special letters and notes from her family! We went to Packsaddle Depot for lunch and had a special cake made by April McLean.

(Robin was taking the picture and Jen and Kaylee couldn't make it)

Loved the old-fashioned Christmas Tree!

After all the celebration we were wiped out! It is rest time now. Thanks to all of our family who came and made Katelyn's Dedication so very special. We love you all!


  1. so sweet what a happy moment!
    my niece was dedicated today too!!

  2. Thank you Nikki! That's really cool!