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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two Months

Baby Girl turned 2 Months on November 20th! She had her 2 month check up today. She has grown! She now weighs 11lbs and 3ozs and measures 22 1/2 inches long! The doctor said she is right on target. She is a healthy girl! The downside to the visit was she had her shots. She cried immediately and of course, momma cried too! But we got through it together. She held on to my finger. After about an hour and half of sleepiness she was back to her happy, smiley self!

So sleepy that her whole body was completely limp!

After a nap, a feeding and some tylenol she was back to normal-ready to play!

Now one more doctor appointment tomorrow and we are ready for our 1st Thanksgiving!!!

1 comment:

  1. oh she is beautiful lori!
    i cried the first time lyla got shots too..so did my mom and my little brother because it was a family affair obviously!

    it does get better..for you and for her!
    god bless!