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Sunday, October 2, 2011


The other day I was driving down the road with my little blessing in tow. As I was driving my thoughts were completely wrapped up in God's love for me. Oh, the endless ways to describe His love and how so grateful and thankful I am to be loved by Him. His love has done more for me than I could ever afford. He rescued me. He delivered me. He brought me out from where I never belonged. He longed for me. He waited for me. He never stopped calling me His own. As I thought on the love that often leaves me speechless, I thought about how much He loves Katelyn and how will I ever be able to explain that to her. How can you fully convey to someone, to a little someone, something they have never experienced? And it hit me. The way, the only way, is to show her His love the way I show her my love for her. She doesn't fully understand the word love. It is barely in her vocabulary. But she sees my love. She sees it in the way I hold her, hug her, kiss her, speak kindly to her, comfort her, discipline her, remind her every chance I get that I love her.

I know she gets it. She returns the love. She has repeated the phrase she so often hears, "I Love You!" She comes to me without my request and hugs me and kisses me. I've pretended to be sad and cry and she has walked over to me to comfort me by laying her head down on me and crying with me.

So what do I do then? I can tell her God loves her more. I can tell her what He has done for her and for me. But more importantly, I can show her His love in everything I do in everyday of my life. All I can do is what comes naturally and that is to just love. However, I'm not perfect, but I believe if I think on God's love for me everyday then I will be reminded on how to love more perfectly. To be more patient, more kind, less envious, less boastful, less proud, less rude, less self-seeking, not as easily angered, keep less record of wrongs, delighting in evil less and rejoicing more with truth, protect more, trust more, hope more, persevere more, fail less. It is only through Christ that I can do all these things. He will strengthen me. And I can have confidence that Katelyn will know how much she is loved by Him.

Ref. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and Philippians 4:13

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